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Providing Investigators With Cutting-Edge Continuing Education since 1954.

 Ohio Department of Public Safety—approved Firefighter CEUs.

The Ohio Arson School is the premier forum for cutting-edge continuing education and instruction for public and private investigators responsible for determining the origin and cause of fires.  The School has been training investigators since 1954.  Our focus is to provide investigators with the most relevant, up-to-date tools and information to best serve their communities and their clients. 


Our students are comprised of arson investigators from municipal fire departments, law enforcement agencies, prosecutors’ offices, private investigation firms, and the insurance industry.

“I would sit through this class again and again and again because I would learn something new each time. ”

“This is the second time I have taken a class with David as an instructor and enjoyed both times. His knowledge he gives you is so valuable. Will always recommend taking his class.”

“I have been to Ohio Arson School 6-7 years and this was by far one of the best. The SEA field trip was outstanding.”

In addition to a robust program that exposes students to instructors from all over the United States, we provide a crucial networking opportunity to develop relationships with investigators from all over Ohio and the Midwest.



Monday, August 12   |  Program begins at 8:00am
  • Sparking the Memory of Our Subjects: The Cognitive Interview – Maximizing the Effectiveness of Your Investigation with Laura Billon, JD, MFS, CFI
Tuesday, August 13  
  • Prevention of Bombing Incidents with instructors from New Mexico State
  • Response to Bombing Incidents with instructors from New Mexico State
Wednesday, August 14 
  • Photovoltaic Systems with Rich Marzola
*Topics are subject to change

Scholarships are available! First Year Award Scholarship and Marvin E. Olney Memorial Scholarship are offered. Please see our scholarships page for more information.


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